Ecoherbes Park Botanical Garden

What is it?

«Ecoherbes Park Botanical Garden»

The Ecoherbes Park Medicinal Botanical Garden is a large natural area next to the Mediterranean Sea and the Ebro Delta; a privileged location in the Biosphere Reserve of “Terres de l’Ebre”, where visitors can walk around, meet with nature and discover the more than 400 species of aromatic and medicinal plants that grow.

What can be found?

«Plants from around the world.»

Since its inauguration, in June 2015, thousands of people have come to see the 20,000 m2 of garden. It is a natural space where you can find plants from different parts of the world that, located in flower beds and following the sinuosity of the roads and paths, coexist with pines, olive groves, carob trees, shrubs and other native species.

All this is surrounded by the Ecoherbes cultivation fields, forming an agro-organic park of 100,000 m2.

The fact that our Botanical Garden and the cultivation fields are in the open air, means all kinds of local fauna live in freedom in our facilities as can be seen in the images alongside.

Culture and outreach

«Culture and knowledge of medicinal plants.»

In addition to enjoying a peaceful walk in the countryside, the visit to Ecoherbes Park also has a cultural and informative component. Those who walk the garden acquire knowledge of the different species of plants, as well as their current and traditional medicinal uses. Ecoherbes Park also has a plant breeding nursery and a seed bank.

Who is it for?

«Visitors of all ages and profiles.»

The Ecoherbes Park Medicinal Botanical Garden is a place full of natural charm, designed to be visited by visitors of all ages and different profiles. It usually attracts the attention of families with children, groups of older people, people committed to ecology and the environment, as well as students and professionals of phytotherapy and other natural sciences. It should be noted that the garden meets all the desirable standards of comfort, service and quality. Throughout the route there are rest areas, ideal for introspection and reunion with the vital essence.

Catalogue of species

Discover the wide variety of Garden species.

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