Botanical Garden
Visits, activities and services

Free visits

Following a signposted route through trails, you can discover over 400 botanical species, their characteristics, uses and properties, by means of an informative poster at each one of them.

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Guided visits

An expert guide in the garden and the topic, will accompany you on your visit and offer for you to interactively discover a world of sensory experiences in terms of aromas, flavours, textures, colours and properties of plants, in their current and historical uses, in various civilizations.

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Tailor-made tours and group excursions

Schools, companies, friends, family, clubs, associations, we will prepare the activity adapting it to your needs and interests.

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Courses and conferences

We design and carry out various courses and training sessions at the client’s request, in relation to phytotherapy, gardening, botany, environment, nature, natural therapies, organic farming, etc., taught in the Botanical Garden itself, in outdoor nature classrooms, or in the place chosen by the client.

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Tastings and sampling of herbal infusions and teas

Organised by our Tea sommeliers and with the exclusive Ecoherbes products, we turn tasting ceremonies into unforgettable sensory experiences where you will also learn how to prepare and offer teas and infusions gastronomically, so as to obtain their best aromas, flavours and properties. In the Garden and spaces of Ecoherbes, or in the premises and establishments of the client, we will create the right climate for a full experience.

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Celebrations and events

The Garden and its facilities, offer many options for those special day events in an enjoyable and pleasant way. The ornamental and naturally organic aesthetics, the peace and tranquillity that is breathed in its surroundings, the multitude of scented aromas of the plants and the hospitality with which we will receive you, make Ecoherbes Park an ideal location.

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Free services

Free services available to customers:

  • 3 large-capacity parking areas, both for cars and coaches of all sizes.
  • Picnic area.
  • Rest and meditation areas.
    The entire Garden is ideal for photographic reports.

Other services

  • School catering.
  • Catering for meetings and celebrations.
  • Anything necessary to make your stay fully satisfactory.
Tickets and Opening Hours

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