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Technical creation and management

«The art of formulation and fusion with the purity and quality of the natural essence»

Jordi Bosch, Ethnobotanist and Landscaper, and Trinidad Fuentes, Ethnobotanist and Phytotherapist, are the precursors of the project and share the general management of Ecoherbes.

Jordi manages the botanical issues of organic cultivation, the constant organoleptic improvement in genetic selection and the reproduction of species with their own cultivars, the design of the botanical garden and the obtaining of new species.

Trinidad is responsible for product research and development. She creates new and surprising “signature formulas”, combining the ingredients, both fresh and dried, that the exclusive and unique raw material of Ecoherbes has to offer.

Both, together with Oriol Clos, agricultural technical engineer and technical director of Ecoherbes, Josep M. Navarro, master gardener, grower, in charge of the equipment that takes care of the crops and the botanical garden, and Valeria Jubette, artisan master herbalist and head of the production team in the workroom, generate the synergy of Ecoherbes products, reflected in its slogan: Aroma, Taste and Health in your Life.

With a trajectory in the sector of more than 25 years, they started the Ecoherbes project in 2007, in a farm in l’Ampolla with unique cultivation land, where in addition, the weather is conducive to the special development of a wide variety of aromatic species.

Lovers of culture, art, and passionate about select gastronomy,

they are moving forward in their goal of combining ecology with excellence.


Javier Campo

Sommelier, frommelier, wine writer, advisor and teacher.

The company

Discover a 10-hectare agro-organic park with more than 400 species.

Ecoherbes is a 10-hectare agro-organic park, where Ecoherbes Park is located, a large Medicinal Botanical Garden with more than 400 species of aromatic, medicinal and culinary plants, surrounded by fields and with the Mediterranean Sea and the Ebro Delta Natural Park as a backdrop. Crops grow outdoors, without greenhouses. Our own procedures of cultivation and development of our raw material, in harmony with tradition and current scientific knowledge, result in our teas and infusions being more aromatic, with exclusive flavours and very high quality.

The facilities have a large bank of our own seeds and a nursery for the reproduction of the species, in order to achieve better adaptability and genetics of high organoleptic quality, in the cultivated plants.